Powerfull Solutions

Powerfull Solutions was founded in 2018 and provides its customers with energy storage solutions, aimed to bring their systems’ performance to its best, adding significant value to the project. Powerfull Solutions utilizes its capabilities in diverse types of processes, and is able to provide specific products and services as part of a larger system or project, as well as a turn-key solution. The company has strong R&D capabilities both for its own IP development as well as in collaborations with other companies and/or academic institutes. Powerfull Solutions has a game changing product designed for systems performing frequency regulation in the U.S East coast PJM market. The regulation changes in January 2017 turned the dispatching signal (RegD) into a very intense one, accelerating battery degradation. The Powerfull Solutions ESS Optimizer dramatically improves system performance, is easily installed, and brings great value to the project from day 1, regardless of when during the project’s lifetime it is installed.

Our Team

Ofer Agam-Kohavi

CEO and Founder

Ofer Agam-Kohavi is the Founder and CEO of Powerfull Solutions. As head of renewable energy sources grid integration in the southern district of the Israeli utility (IEC), Ofer handled the grid integration of numerous IPPs.
Much like in other global markets, the emergence of renewable energies in Israel introduced unprecedented grid dynamics, reflected by operational, commercial, legal and regulatory challenges.
Throughout this fascinating time, Ofer led diverse task teams, performed valuable researches and developed best practices and procedures to optimize renewable energy sources grid integration.

Tomer Gal


Tomer Gal, CTO at Powerfull Solutions. Tomer is a pioneer of GPU development and AI using deep neural networks. He worked at companies such as Intel where he researched new features for Intel CPUs, and at GE Healthcare where he led a team focused on the performance and reliability of the Ultrasound product. Tomer is also the founder of the software company OpTeamizer, and the NVIDIA lecturer in Israel for courses of CUDA (C++ / Python) and Deep Learning for Computer Vision. He also lectures in academia, teaching courses such as Deep Learning, Parallel Computing, Digital Signal Processing and more.

Ayelet Garber

Data Scientist

Ayelet Garber is a data scientist at Powerfull Solutions. Ayelet utilizes her experience as a software developer and her data science skills, to bring unique and creative models and techniques to the company’s products. Ayelet takes an active part in the Israeli Machine Learning and Data Science scene, including educating the next generation of Machine Learning Engineers, Data Scientists and Python Developers.